WEC’s largest school campus is under construction

At 470,000 square feet, the new Cherokee High School is the largest K-12 campus that Willett Engineering has designed in its 34-year history.

The campus will include 152 classrooms, a 1,000-seat auditorium, and a 4,500-seat football stadium. Valued at $179 million, it represents the largest contract ever awarded by the Cherokee County School District.

With construction currently a full month ahead of schedule, WEC President Brandon Hoffman is proud of the project’s smooth progress. The key, Hoffman said, is the collaboration among his team, the architecture studio MSSA-PBK, and the building contractor, Carroll Daniel Construction.

“Cherokee is a giant endeavor. With a project this large, we as structural engineers need to stay hands-on until the very end. We’re in constant communication with the other teams to solve any unexpected issues that arise during construction,” Hoffman said.

In spite of the project’s size and complexity, Hoffman and the WEC team had no hesitation about signing on.

“We had confidence in it from the get-go because of the fantastic team that was assembled,” Hoffman said. “We’ve teamed with MSSA-PBK and Carroll Daniel countless times. We know we can count on each other. We know that everyone is committed to doing their best work.”

MSSA-PBK Field Representative Al Moore agrees. “This is the largest project that MSSA-PBK has been a part of. Having access to our engineers has been so important. The Willett Engineering team has gone above and beyond to keep this project going smoothly,” Moore said.

The new Cherokee High School is expected to open for classes in August 2026.